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Where in the world is Jose Ceda???

Has anyone heard anything related to where Jose Ceda disappeared to?  Back in mid February he was shutdown "for a few days" due to some shoulder soreness.  Now three months later, not word one about his progress.  He's listed on AA-affiliate Jacksonville's roster, designated on the 7-day DL list.

There was talk that the kid was on the fast track to becoming the Marlins closer and now he's floating around in limbo and no one seems interested in his whereabouts.  Jose Ceda, where are you?

Posted on: April 4, 2008 10:44 pm

Past Dolphins Draft Analysis

Year Round Pick Name Pos. My remarks

2007 1 9 Ted Ginn, Jr. WR/KR A reach at 9; showed promise as a returner; needs refining as WR

2007 2 40 John Beck QB Was held in high regard by past regime; will Sparano and Parcells think the same?

2007 2 60 Samson Satele C/G Possibly the best selection in the Dolphins í07 draft.

2007 3 71 Lorenzo Booker RB Played sparingly as a rookie but has the speed to make an impact like Darren Sproles (Chargers) or Leon Washington (Jets)

2007 4 108 Paul Soliai NT/DT Possible rotational guy at NT/DT; still raw

2007 6 181 Reagan Mauia FB Instant starter; a beast; will improve over the years

2007 6 199 Drew Mormino G/C Season cut shirt due to injury in preseason

2007 7 219 Kelvin Smith LB Only draft pick not to make opening day roster; practice squad player

2007 7 225 Brandon Fields P Had a wonderful rookie season; Donnie Jones who?

2007 7 238 Abraham Wright DE/LB A clone of Joey Porter without the attitude; solid backup at rush linebacker in 3-4

2006 1 16 Jason Allen S/CB Continues to shuffle positions, hurting his development; nothing more than a nickelback

2006 3 82 Derek Hagan WR Decent #2 option, better suited as a 3rd receiver; drops too many balls

2006 4 114 Joe Toledo OT Injuries have derailed progression

2006 7 212 Fred Evans DT Released in summer 2007 for off the field incident; last on Vikings team

2006 7 226 Rodrique Wright DT Massive potential that hasnít been utilized

2006 7 233 Devin Aromashodu WR Last seen catching passes from Peyton Manning

2005 1 2 Ronnie Brown RB Great start to 2007 derailed by knee injury, future in question

2005 2 46 Matt Roth DE A steady performer that canít seem to make it to the next level

2005 3 70 Channing Crowder LB Heir apparent to Zach Thomas, has shown flashes of brilliance and decisions that are mind


2005 4 104 Travis Daniels CB Strong rookie season but has declined since

2005 5 162 Anthony Alabi OT No more than a backup

2005 7 216 Kevin Vickerson DT Tore up the final season of NFL Europa; no longer in the NFL

2004 1 19 Vernon Carey OT Starting LT, better suited as RT or guard

2004 4 102 Will Poole CB Showed promise as a rookie; injury derailed career and is no longer in the NFL

2004 5 160 Tony Bua LB Special teams stud; out of football

2004 6 174 Rex Hadnot G/C Has risen up the depth chart and has started the last two years; has a mean streak

2004 7 221 Tony Pape G No longer in the NFL

2004 7 222 Derrick Pope LB Career backup and special teams player

2003 2 49 Eddie Moore LB Injured all of rookie year; later traded and now out of football

2003 3 78 Wade Smith OT Surprise starter as a rookie; regressed a year later and lost starting job; currently with the Jets

2003 3 87 Taylor Whitley G Played sparingly with Miami; last with the Redskins

2003 5 156 Donald Lee TE Not given a real shot with the Dolphins; catching passes from Brett Favre now

2003 5 169 J.R. Tolver WR The original Wes Welker; out of football

2003 6 181 Corey Jenkins LB Now playing for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the CFL

2003 6 209 Tim Provost OT Never played a regular season game in NFL

2003 6 213 Yeremiah Bell S Best player from this draft; only playmaker in Dolphins secondary in 2006; torn Achilles in 2007; set to be a free agent

2003 7 248 Davern Williams DT Limited action with Miami; last with the New York Giants

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Florida Marlins Preview 2008

After finishing in last place in 2007, the Marlins traded away two of their best young players and decided to get even younger. In December, they shipped third baseman Miguel Cabrera, who turns 25 in April, and left-handed pitcher Dontrelle Willis, who is 26, to the Detroit Tigers. In exchange, the Marlins received six players. Five of the players are 25-years-old or younger.

The two most valuable players in the deal Ė 22-year-old left-hander Andrew Miller and 20-year-old outfielder Cameron Maybin Ė are expected to immediately contribute and could impact fantasy rosters this season. Catcher Mike Rabelo was also acquired in the deal and is expected to see most of the action behind the plate for the Marlins in 2008. Rabelo is the only player in the deal that is older than 25. He turned 28 in January.

While the Philadelphia Phillies and New York Mets fight for the division title, and the Atlanta Braves and Washington Nationals make steady improvements, it will likely be another long season for the Marlins. They have a lot of exciting young players to watch, including shortstop Hanley Ramirez and second baseman Dan Uggla, but they donít have the experience that will allow them to compete in the NL East.

The Marlin's are building for the future, so the expectations are minimal. But for a team building for the future, the Marlins' core includes Mike Jacobs (27), Dan Uggla (28), and Josh Willingham (29).


Opening day roster/ batting order



RF Jeremy Hermida



3B Jorge Cantu

C Matt Treanor

CF Alejandro De Aza will hit against right-handed pitchers, and Cody Ross will hit against lefties in the center field platoon. The team expects Cameron Maybin to be brought up sometime this summer.


Possible rotation..?



Andrew Miller

Scott "Hothead" Olsen

Rickkkkyyyy Nolasco

The Pen..?

Kevin Gregg

Matt Lindstrom

Justin Millerrrrr

Man oh man. I CAN'T WAIT! until 2011.

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What defines a sport?

Golf, bowling, curling, pole vault and roller-blading should NOT be considered "sports," because no defense is involved. In order to be considered a "sport," an activity must meet the following 6 requirements:

1. Athletic Ability

2. Strength

3. Endurance

4. Strategy

5. Competition

6. Defense - another team or individual can prevent you from accomplishing your goal.

In addition, a "sport" should not be judged, like in diving, gymnastics or figure skating, and one's ability in the activity should not be enhanced by the consumption of alcohol.

If an activity doesn't qualify as a "sport", it can fall into 3 other categories:

Athletic competitions: i.e. 100 meter dash, pole vault, swimming and bicycle racing.

Athletic events: i.e. diving, gymnastics, figure skating and sycronized swimming. Usually involves "impartial" judges that determing the winner. Note: judges are not equivalent to umpires or referees.

Games: Chess, bowling, golf, poker and curling.

So what's your stance? What makes a "sport" a sport?

Posted on: March 14, 2008 5:54 pm

Would you rather...?

Aah yes... The age old question " would you rather"

Here are some questions to ponder...

Would you rather....
                                1. Be a fan of the Houston Astros or the Florida Marlins? -The Marlins have won two World Series Championships since 1993(Via wildcard). However, they have also become notoriously famous for fire-sales and not being very competitive yearly. The Astros on the other hand, yearly compete amongst the top teams , but have not won any World Series Championships.

                                 2. Be a well-liked player on a cellar dweller or a hated player on a playoff team? Think Kevin Durant of the Seattle Supersonics and Kwame Brown, formerly of the Los Angeles Lakers.

                                 3. See the XFL come back to life or see Michael Jordan's ego take over and have him attempt another comeback? Free-for-all football or see a living legend come back again

                                  4. Get stick-checked hard(NHL) or get clothesline tackled (NFL)? Ouch... they both sound painful
                                  5.  Get front row season tickets to WNBA games or get upper deck tickets to New Orleans Hornets games? Who would want to go watch the WNBA(ooh, aah)? Then again they are court-side, you can at least see who's who.

                                  6.  Become a sportswriter or a sports talk show co-host? It's awfully easy to mess up on air...

Answer and come up with some of your own as these are just a few of the endless ones that can be thought of!!

Coming soon... "what if...."
- Miamigregory
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